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The latest insights, ideas, information and inspiration for bringing DJing

into your Music classroom.

Nino Brown

Author, (Track Formers) & one of Australia's leading urban DJs

Kate Hargeaves


Sam Smith

Coordinator of Performance Music (St Joseph's Nudgee)

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In this interview-style live webinar, our DJ Gurus covered:

  • The top 3 reasons students love the idea of learning to DJ
  • How to introduce the DJ genre to your music classroom and assess it (if you haven’t already!)
  • Upcoming trends in the industry
  • Real talk: wins and losses
  • Live Q&A

About Us

“Every student should have the opportunity to engage in and love learning music.”
– Kate Hargreaves, Founder and CEO, MusicEDU

This is the core of our mission at MusicEDU. We want teenagers to benefit from having music in their school lives, whether that’s learning to play an instrument, composing a piece or working with others. Practising music encourages teamwork, confidence and empathy, and helps students discover the satisfaction gained by creating rather than merely consuming.

In 2020, the Electronic Dance Music Industry had a total income of $7 billion. Topping this list, was DJ Calvin Harris, who earns an average of  $60 million per year. With such booming popularity, it is no wonder that students are into the EDM genre and interested in having a go at DJing themselves.
DJing remains one of the fastest-growing segments in the Music Products industry.
This webinar will share the first-hand experience of schools that have implemented DJing as part of their General Music program in the middle-school classroom and how it has impacted their overall school music program. 

DJ Nino Brown

Author, TrackFormers

As one of Australia’s leading urban DJs, Nino has shared the stage with artists including Jay-Z, Rihanna, T-Pain and Snoop.

Throughout his career, Nino has been dedicated to the art of DJing and, through Universal Music, created the successful Blazin Mixtape series. He’s worked with major brands – Nike, New Era, X-Box, Monster Headphones – and, in partnership with Jord Levus, produced remixes for Justice Crew and Timomatic.

 Nino shared his expertise and DJing technique with MusicEDU in the TrackFormers program with the aim to inspire the next generation of DJs. 

Kate Hargreaves

Founder and CEO, MusicEDU

With a vision to engage students in classroom music in a way they’d find enjoyable and rewarding, Kate launched MusicEDU in 2011. Her goal continues to be achieved internationally as we integrate progressive teaching techniques and technology into secondary and middle schools using The MusicEDU Suite.

Kate is a regular presenter at music technology and music association conferences throughout Australia and New Zealand and, in 2020, introduced The MusicEDU Suite in San Antonio, Texas, at the USA TMEA Conference.

Sam Smith

Coordinator of Music Performance (St Joseph's College, Nudgee QLD)

Sam has taught classroom music from grades 7 – 12 and has a passion for incorporating music technology in the classroom. He has bachelor and postgraduate degrees from Griffith University and has recently completed his Masters of Education at Queensland University of Technology.

Sam has been using MusicEDU programs since 2012 and currently uses the MusicEDU Suite with his middle phase classes. Bringing practical knowledge of music curriculum, Sam has been involved in updating the MusicEDU programs to ensure the programs are seamlessly integrated for classroom use.

What our schools are saying...

"It enabled me to teach something thats so different in the classroom, that students engage with and are excited by."

- Sam Smith

St Joseph's Nudgee College

" The MusicEDU Suite has easily integrated with our Kodaly-based program. The boys love GameComposer and TrackFormers."

- Nick Grunden

Xavier College (VIC)

"It's an innovative way of teaching music and a more familiar way for the students to learn about the musical concepts."

- TrackFormers Student

Livingstone Christian College

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